Our Incontinence Care Services for Seniors in New York City Include:

  • in-home incontinence care services for seniors in New York City, assistance with going to the toilet, and urinary incontinence treatment;
  • avoiding unpleasant consequences, accidents, and complications such as skin rash or urine odor;
  • control over the availability of all necessary care products for urinary incontinence, such as absorbent underpants, waterproof undergarments, disposable washcloths and napkins, absorbent pads and liners;
  • providing personal hygiene services, assistance in bathing, dressing, and grooming;
  • making sure older people drink an appropriate amount of liquid throughout the day without trying to hide the problem by drinking less than 1.5-2 liters of fluids;
  • monitoring the patient’s diet if there is a problem with bowel incontinence to ensure regular bowel movements and minimize the risk of constipation;
  • accompanying the patient to the appointment with the doctor and conscientious trips to medical institutions;
  • providing psychological support, stress reduction, friendships, and pleasant conversations;
  • monitoring adherence to planned trips to the toilet and timely medication;
  • encouraging physical exercise and sports reminders;
  • providing incontinence care for the elderly in New York City at home or outside and cleaning or changing clothes as needed;
  • nursing, quality treatment of urinary incontinence, and monitoring the welfare of the elderly who experience urinary leakage;
  • avoiding possible falls caused by rushing to the toilet and making the bathroom as accessible as possible for elderlies with urinary incontinence.

Why Choose Us for Incontinence Care Services
for Seniors in New York City

Urinary incontinence is a common disorder in the elderly that interferes with their usual active lifestyle. In addition to the physical aspect, there is also a psychological one — seniors often do not want to discuss this problem and refuse to accept help from close relatives. Therefore, if you suspect your loved one is suffering from urinary incontinence, you can hire professional caregivers to provide comprehensive care.

However, finding a reliable assistant who can be trusted with the service of caring for incontinent elderly in New York City and who will fully satisfy your needs is a difficult task. With Galaxy Home Care, you will receive a full range of services, an individual approach, and professional quality care.

  • We provide an advanced and flexible care service for incontinent elderly in New York City, including a nurse living with your elderly loved one or relative, to be available 24/7 and provide assistance when the patient needs it.
  • Our nurses and personal care assistants have all the necessary skills to ensure psychological support. We will provide incontinence care services for seniors in New York City and help your elderly relatives overcome embarrassment, uncertainty, and awkwardness.
  • In addition to caring service for incontinent elderly in New York City, we pay great attention to the health of the patient — you don’t have to worry about regular visits to doctors, taking the necessary medications, following all medical prescriptions, and adhering to the right diet and schedule.
  • Every member of our staff is guaranteed to be qualified and reliable to provide the service of caring for incontinent seniors in New York City — we take the training of our personal assistants seriously and constantly screen all our caregivers for regulatory compliance.

What our clients
say about us

Galaxy Home Care is a life savior for our family. My mom suffered a devastating stroke in December rendering her handicapped and unable to live on her own. Navigating the Medicaid/Medicare maze became my full time job yielding very little results. If it wasn’t for the super knowledgeable, compassionate and overall professional Galaxy team, I still would have no dependable home care solution for my mom. They jumped through so many hoops and made everything work. Finally, somebody had my back! Thanks to Galaxy Home Care, they found a perfect home attendant for my mom, guided me through securing supplemental at-home services for her, and continue to provide lots of support and guidance as we move forward. Thank you, Galaxy Home Care!

Wonderful service and great care for elderly. Galaxy Home cares and always avaliable to help. Forever grateful for the work that they do.

Galaxy Home Care provides an amazing service for older people, their caregivers and nurses are doing a wonderful job taking care of our parents. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!!!

Have been using Galaxy Home Care since November 2021. My mother has been receiving great care from the caregivers and nurses. The office staff has been very attentive to my needs as well. I recommend this agency.

Galaxy took care of my grandmother, their amazing staff and administration provided top notch care. Put smiles on our whole family faces in the most difficult time for us all. Thank you alana and galaxy!!!!!

Exceptional service!!! Provided a higher quality of life for my granny, uplifted her and kept her entertained. The house was sparkling and all tasks that were requested have been completed. Thank you guys so much!!!

I used Galaxy Home Care for my mother-in-law for few weeks now and the services are very good. Not only are the caregivers properly trained but the office staff is always on point and professional. I highly recommend them.

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Frequently asked questions

Who needs Galaxy Home Care incontinence care services?

Our services are for everyone who suffers from urinary incontinence, which is usually the most common condition for older people. Such an unpleasant disease greatly limits the usual lifestyle of patients. Our services are meant to help your elderly loved ones or relatives remain as independent and active as possible, as well as to prevent dangerous complications and unpleasant consequences.

What do you do with an incontinent parent?

We use an individual and comprehensive approach, helping the suffering elderlies and their families cope with both physical and psychological inconvenience. Galaxy Home Care’s caregivers greatly facilitate the life of seniors with urinary incontinence and their relatives, taking full control over the health and well-being of the patient. Our assisted nurses are well-trained and empathic and provide the necessary treatment, care, comfort, and support to help the elderly maintain their dignity and active lifestyle.

How can I order incontinence care for the elderly?

To hire a caregiver for your elderly relative with urinary incontinence, just contact our managers. We will conduct a free initial consultation to discuss your case, agree on the terms of further cooperation, select the ideal nurse for you, and calculate the cost of our services. If you are wondering “how to find a personal assistant near me and especially for me”, Galaxy Home Care staff will select the best caregiver in the New York City that fully meets your wishes and needs.

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