Our Parkinson’s Home Care Services in Bronx Include

  • Providing specialized medical, personal, and social services to help individuals with Parkinson’s achieve suitable living
  • Providing education to family members, so they can also contribute to the Parkinson’s care for a patient
  • Assisting with the day-to-day necessities of a patient
  • Providing proper rehabilitation therapy
  • Assisting with the following to the required frequency of medication intake
  • Assisting patients to perform normal body movements and follow exercise plans
  • Assisting with household duties such as cleaning or laundry
  • Assisting with the cooking of meals according to dietary plans or meal delivery
  • Assisting with transferring to healthcare facilities and back
  • Providing communication skill training
  • Assisting with money management, such as filling out payment forms or paying bills on time

Advantages of Bronx Parkinson’s Home Care Services

It’s vital to get the right Parkinson’s home care services in Bronx, so the consequences of this condition are alleviated, and their interference with everyday lifestyle is minimized. We deliver services in Bronx, and other city districts, so you can get care in any location of your choosing. We strive to deliver exceptional care outcomes. In that regard, we provide you with the following advantages:

  • We deliver standardized Parkinson’s care adjusted in strict accordance with the therapist’s recommendations.
  • We carefully run background and QA checks of our providers on a regular basis.
  • We provide you with around-the-clock service and always have additional caregivers on duty.
  • We monitor the quality of care through surveys and assessments and make changes accordingly.
What our clients say about us

What our clients
say about Parkinson’s Home Care Services in Bronx

Galaxy Home Care is a life savior for our family. My mom suffered a devastating stroke in December rendering her handicapped and unable to live on her own. Navigating the Medicaid/Medicare maze became my full time job yielding very little results. If it wasn’t for the super knowledgeable, compassionate and overall professional Galaxy team, I still would have no dependable home care solution for my mom. They jumped through so many hoops and made everything work. Finally, somebody had my back! Thanks to Galaxy Home Care, they found a perfect home attendant for my mom, guided me through securing supplemental at-home services for her, and continue to provide lots of support and guidance as we move forward. Thank you, Galaxy Home Care!

Wonderful service and great care for elderly. Galaxy Home cares and always avaliable to help. Forever grateful for the work that they do.

Galaxy Home Care provides an amazing service for older people, their caregivers and nurses are doing a wonderful job taking care of our parents. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!!!

Have been using Galaxy Home Care since November 2021. My mother has been receiving great care from the caregivers and nurses. The office staff has been very attentive to my needs as well. I recommend this agency.

Galaxy took care of my grandmother, their amazing staff and administration provided top notch care. Put smiles on our whole family faces in the most difficult time for us all. Thank you alana and galaxy!!!!!

Exceptional service!!! Provided a higher quality of life for my granny, uplifted her and kept her entertained. The house was sparkling and all tasks that were requested have been completed. Thank you guys so much!!!

I used Galaxy Home Care for my mother-in-law for few weeks now and the services are very good. Not only are the caregivers properly trained but the office staff is always on point and professional. I highly recommend them.

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Frequently asked questions

Can someone with Parkinson’s live at home?

Yes, individuals often get in-home Parkinson’s disease care in New York City, and other locations without much of a need to be under constant supervision of a healthcare provider in a clinical setting.

Should Parkinson’s patients live alone?

No, it’s highly preferred that such individuals partner with a care home for Parkinson’s patients in New York City, because the disease may cause difficulty fulfilling everyday tasks or performing some basic movements.

Do people with Parkinson’s need a caregiver?

Yes, depending on the stage of the disease, Parkinson’s care at home in New York City may be  of great use and even turn out to be mandatory.

Are in-home care services for Parkinson’s disease in New York City beneficial for me as an adult living alone?

Yes, it’s safe to say that Parkinson’s disease home care in New York City is intended primarily for patients who cannot have assistance from family members or are in the latter disease stages when skilled care is required.

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