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Galaxy Home Care of Nassau 2769 Coney Island Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn

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Galaxy Home Care of Nassau provides in-home Personal Care services to seniors and other individuals who need assistance with their Activities of Daily Living.

Our custom-designed care plans make sure the services are delivered in the most proper and effective manner.

Our Personal Care Services include:

  • Assisting with eating, bathing, using bath equipment, dental/denture care, grooming, and hair care
  • Assisting with bowel regularity, self-administered medications, basic skin care and nail maintenance
  • Emptying or changing external urinary collecting devices, including catheter bags
  • Providing colostomy care and emptying ostomy bag
  • Assistance with urinals, bedpans and/or commodes
  • Providing bowel and bladder incontinence care
  • Encouraging to perform normal body movements and to follow prescribed exercise programs
  • Assisting with positioning in bed, wheelchair, and other chairs
  • Assisting with transferring to/from bed, wheelchair, toilet, and chair
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