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Assisted Living Vs. Personal Care Home: 3 Key Differences In New York

All people age differently. Some seniors remain relatively active and independent and only need simple support with household chores in […]

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Nursing Homes Vs Home Care: Discover Why Second Option Is Better

Nursing Homes Vs Home Care: Discover Why Second Option Is Better For many people, aging brings certain health conditions that […]

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15 Activities For Seniors With Limited Mobility: Help Your Loved Ones Stay Active

Physical activity is critical for a high quality of life. But sometimes the loss of mobility is unavoidable. In this […]

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Meal Planning For The Elderly: Is It Easy To Figure Out On Your Own?

Why do you need to plan meals for the elderly? There are several good reasons. First, it saves you money […]

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5 Alternatives to Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in NYC

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, there are approximately 1 million assisted living beds nationwide—does your loved one […]

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Discover The Wealth Of Wellness With Live-In Caregivers In New York City

Today’s post reviews research by AARP NY and the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute to highlight how our live-in caregiver services […]

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No Need For A Nursing Home With Expert Assisted Living Via Galaxy Home Care In New York City

Seniors Retain Their Dignity If you notice that your loved one is very agitated when you mention that he or […]

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Better Care Than A Nursing Home With A Live In Caregiver From Galaxy Home Care In New York City

When You Do Not Want To Go To Nursing Home We here at Galaxy Home Care in New York City […]

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Stay Fit, Strong, And Active After 50 With Home Care Providers In NYC

Today’s post highlights a few ways our home care providers keep NYC seniors fit, strong, and active after 50. Read […]

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Master Aging In NYC: Why Invest In Health Care At Home In 2022

In today’s post, we review research highlighting a few benefits of investing in professional health care at home in 2022. […]

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