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Our Diabetes Home Care Services in Rockville Centre Include:

  • Providing appropriate medications to patients with diabetes;
  • Developing a suitable diet plan;
  • Promoting a healthy level of physical activity according to the individual’s condition;
  • Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels;
  • Administration of medications and wound treatment;
  • Daily caregiving services according to the person’s needs.

Why Choose Us For Home Diabetes Care
for Seniors in Rockville Centre

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems in the world, especially in older people. Even worse, the number of individuals diagnosed with this condition continues to grow each year. Lifestyle choices such as sedentary jobs, unhealthy diets, smoking, and other factors contribute to the problem.

According to the more recent statistics provided by the American Diabetes Association, around 11.3% of people in the United States have been diagnosed with some form of diabetes. The largest number of people with this condition are elderly adults, but the situation also becomes more prevalent in younger people.

If you are looking for the best care for a diabetic patient at home in Rockville Centre, our team can find the most appropriate solution. Our expert nurses at Galaxy Home Care provide all the treatments and services that a person with diabetes may need. This includes blood sugar monitoring, assistance in buying medication for diabetes and associated conditions, helping a person exercise, developing meal plans, and more.

Thanks to years of experience in the medical caregiving field, we know how to find the right approach for each client. Managing diabetes in seniors is particularly important to avoid health problems caused by this disease in the future.

If you require in-home diabetes care for seniors in Rockville Centre, we would be happy to assist you.

Our Comprehensive Approach

  • We understand that diabetes management is a continuous process that requires a comprehensive approach. We can help you choose the right home care for diabetes in Rockville Centre depending on your needs.
  • Our specialists are licensed to provide care for patients with diabetes. You can expect the highest professionalism and tact when working with our team.
  • Senior diabetes home care services in Rockville Centre we provide are not limited to just the administration of insulin. We also offer cooking services, grooming for elderly people, and more.

If you or your loved one require constant medical control, you can always contact our team of nurses to discuss the exact schedule. Our goal is to meet all your needs regarding various care services.

What our clients
say about us

Galaxy Home Care is a life savior for our family. My mom suffered a devastating stroke in December rendering her handicapped and unable to live on her own. Navigating the Medicaid/Medicare maze became my full time job yielding very little results. If it wasn’t for the super knowledgeable, compassionate and overall professional Galaxy team, I still would have no dependable home care solution for my mom. They jumped through so many hoops and made everything work. Finally, somebody had my back! Thanks to Galaxy Home Care, they found a perfect home attendant for my mom, guided me through securing supplemental at-home services for her, and continue to provide lots of support and guidance as we move forward. Thank you, Galaxy Home Care!

Wonderful service and great care for elderly. Galaxy Home cares and always avaliable to help. Forever grateful for the work that they do.

Galaxy Home Care provides an amazing service for older people, their caregivers and nurses are doing a wonderful job taking care of our parents. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!!!

Have been using Galaxy Home Care since November 2021. My mother has been receiving great care from the caregivers and nurses. The office staff has been very attentive to my needs as well. I recommend this agency.

Galaxy took care of my grandmother, their amazing staff and administration provided top notch care. Put smiles on our whole family faces in the most difficult time for us all. Thank you alana and galaxy!!!!!

Exceptional service!!! Provided a higher quality of life for my granny, uplifted her and kept her entertained. The house was sparkling and all tasks that were requested have been completed. Thank you guys so much!!!

I used Galaxy Home Care for my mother-in-law for few weeks now and the services are very good. Not only are the caregivers properly trained but the office staff is always on point and professional. I highly recommend them.

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Frequently asked questions

What does in-home health care for diabetes involve?

The exact services depend on the diabetes type, its stage, and the patient’s individual needs. Those with progressed forms of diabetes require more extensive caregiving services. Others may only need meal planning and measuring of blood sugar levels.

When is insulin management used?

Patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes rely on taking insulin as a medication. Also, insulin therapy can be an important part of managing type 2 and gestational diabetes when other types of treatment don’t provide the necessary results. It helps control blood sugar levels to prevent further health problems.

Why do seniors with diabetes need help?

Checking blood glucose levels is vital in diabetes, but seniors can often struggle with this task. They may forget or not know how to do this properly. They also require careful medication control. For this reason, hiring caregivers can help prevent the development of complications caused by diabetes. 

What problems can be caused by untreated diabetes?

When left untreated, this disease can cause numerous health issues. This includes vision changes, heart disease, oral health issues, foot ulcers, nerve damage, kidney problems, and more. For this reason, getting an accurate diagnosis and managing diabetes is crucial.

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