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The Aid and Attendance benefit, available through the Department of Veterans Affairs, is a non-service-related pension benefit for Veterans and their spouses who require the aid and attendance to perform personal functions required in everyday living.  Eligible candidates may use the pension to purchase in-home care services.

Our Veteran Pension affiliates go through a 7-Step Process to determine eligibility:

  • Screen for eligibility
  • Obtain original military paperwork
  • Collect supporting documentation
  • Review completed VA application
  • Provide updates throughout the process
  • Assist with any VA documentation requirements until final VA approval
  • Assist with monitoring medical expenses to ensure eligibility

Once you are identified as a candidate for this pension, Galaxy Home Care can typically start providing home care services within 45-90 days.

The 2022 Aid and Attendance benefits are:

  • Veteran – $2,050/month
  • Veteran and Spouse – $2,431/month
  • Surviving Spouse – $1,318/month

Let us know if you are a veteran or a spouse of a veteran, and we will start the process.

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