Senior Home Care in Brooklyn, NY

As a leading in-home care provider, Galaxy Home Care of New York City offers a wide range of service options and care programs. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families wherever they live. Our friendly and dedicated team provides customized programs for your loved one’s specific needs.

  • We provide a full range of in-home care services to help seniors remain as independent as possible for as long as they can.
  • We provide services and support to family members recovering from surgery or an illness.
  • We help people with disabilities live full lives and achieve their potential.

Benefits of Elderly Home Care in Brooklyn, NY

There is no place like home. For the elderly, home is even more important, since it’s the place where their memories live and where they want to be most of all. However, aging often brings health problems that make independent living quite challenging. That’s why many seniors and disabled patients who require day-to-day help and medical care end up in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and care centers.

If you ask the seniors, though, most of them would prefer to stay in the comfort of the home environment where everything is familiar and where they feel safer and more confident. Hence, adult home care is a much better alternative to nursing facilities. With caregivers on their side, your senior, disabled, or injured family members will get the personal assistance they need while retaining a sense of stability and control over their lives. 

Our Brooklyn senior home care specialists will enable your older adults to live their normal lives, have pets, go out, socialize, connect with their families, and, as a result, maintain higher levels of physical and mental health. In the meantime, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are cared for.

Why Choose Us for Senior Home Care in Brooklyn, NY

When looking for a senior care home care agency in Brooklyn, NY, you have more than one reason to choose Galaxy Home Care.

High Professionalism

We’ve been providing at-home care for the seniors in Brooklyn long enough to achieve a high level of proficiency and be able to match our clients’ individual needs to a tee.

Comprehensive and Diverse Service

Our service range embraces all types of assistance to serve both long-term support needs of seniors and disabled and part-time needs of recovering and rehab patients.

Unlimited Care Options

Our senior home care in Brooklyn is available on a permanent basis. Depending on the program you choose for your loved one, our caregiver can visit their home under an agreed schedule or provide live-in assistance that sets no limits for your home care options.

Expert Approach

We have a team of professionals and never subcontract any of our home care services for the elderly in Brooklyn, NY.  All our caregivers are selected with close attention to their personal characteristics and professional details.

Customer-Centered Treatment

Our client’s comfort is our prime priority. So, we always strive to find an optimal solution that suits individual client needs.

Our Senior Home Care Services in Brooklyn, NY

Our senior in-home care in Brooklyn, NY lends a helping hand to people who require it the most. Whether you seek regular adult care, nursing supervision for an ill person, or ongoing home health care in Brooklyn, NY, Galaxy Home Care will get you covered. Our range of in-home services in this area includes:

Companionship: Seniors living alone might feel lonely, locked in, and depressed more often than others. Communication is a key to mental and emotional health. Our companion care specialist will become a friend for your senior loved ones to help them with common daily chores, accompany them for a walk, and ensure they are safe.

  • Homemaking: Some things become more difficult to handle as we get older. With our homemaking assistants, the older adults won’t have to worry about household tasks. They will ensure the one you love lives in a clean and healthy environment and has all the necessities at hand.
  • Personal Care: Our caregivers will ensure your elderly family members who lack mobility or fail to do simple things don’t feel helpless and frustrated at home. They’ll come to assist with feeding, exercising, and personal hygiene routines. 
  • Skilled Care: If you have a recovering patient at home or someone who needs specialized medical attendance, we have registered nurses on our team who can provide specialized nursing care.  
  • Live-in Care: Patients with certain medical conditions or older adults with age-related health problems might need continuous supervision. Our live-in caregivers can provide ongoing assistance 24 hours a day.

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care: These diseases gradually deprive people of the ability to care for themselves. Our professionals will come to help and make the life of patients and their families more comfortable at home. 



Do home care services in Brooklyn, NY cover housework?

All Galaxy Home Care in-home programs for seniors cover light household tasks such as washing dishes, doing the bed, preparing and folding laundry, disposing of the garbage, cooking meals, etc. 

Are Galaxy Home Care senior home health services in Brooklyn, NY provided under contract?

We won’t bind you with a contract. We are dedicated to our job and our customers. Furthermore, we understand what our assistance means to you. You will sign a service agreement that you can cancel at any time. Just let us know about that in advance. 

How can I pay for home care for the disabled in Brooklyn, NY?

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care programs, traditional Long-Term Care Insurance policies and other insurance policies may cover the cost of home care services Galaxy Home Care provides. Other sources of coverage may include private/self-pay, auto accident insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and various religious or social service organizations.

If you are eligible, Medicaid programs may be used to cover your home care needs. We will assist you every step of the way as you apply for Medicaid and it’s a service we provide free of charge to you and your loved-ones! We will be your personal consultant as you navigate the application process, and we will be with you every step of the way! 

Are there any added charges depending on the type of living assistance home care I order in Brooklyn, NY?

We are always clear about the pricing. The service cost is fixed when signing an agreement, and there are no random charges. Should there be any changes in pricing or extra costs, we will ask you to approve them in advance.

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