Your Care at Home Services Available in Nassau County, NY

What care at home services are available in Nassau, NY? Discover what care at home is and what different services are available on Long Island.

What Is A Care At Home Service In Nassau, NY?

Care services help people live their lives. Most care recipients are elderly, though a sizeable minority are younger people who have disabilities. There are facilities that provide people with the care they need, such as nursing homes, assisted living communities, and more. There are several great communities such as these around New York, but they’re not for everybody. Many people would prefer to continue living in their own New York homes. Care at home services can provide all the care one would receive in a care community in their own private homes. Furthermore, care at home is almost always more affordable than moving into a care facility.

Care At Home Covers Personal Care Services.

Personal care helps clients with the activities of daily living. These are everyday tasks of self-care. By “self-care”, we don’t mean having a spa day or taking the day off to watch reality TV and eat chocolate (though those can be beneficial things to do every now and then, even for seniors). Instead, we mean the usually mundane things we all do every day to look after ourselves. Things like brushing our teeth (or caring for our dentures), using the toilet, bathing or showering, getting up and down stairs, and more. Personal caregivers help with all these and more.

Care At Home Covers Homemaking Services.

Don’t overlook the stress that comes with maintaining a tidy home. Whether it’s carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs, lugging around a vacuum cleaner, or errands such as grocery shopping, there are a lot of chores that are difficult, tiring, painful, and potentially even dangerous for many seniors. Care at home can include homemaking services in which caregivers take care of chores and errands such as these.

Care At Home Covers Companionship Services.

Many seniors face mental health challenges. These challenges often stem from loneliness and a detachment from the outside world. Many seniors have an unhealthy low number of social interactions. Companion caregivers visit seniors in their homes, keep them company, play games with them, and encourage them to interact with others, either in person or via correspondence. Companion caregivers can also monitor the progression of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau Of Nassau

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau is proud to offer home care on Long Island. To learn more about home care services in Nassau, NY, please contact us via our website or call 516-708-0900.


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