4 Signs Your Loved Ones Could Benefit From Assisted Living Services

“How can I tell whether assisted living is right for my family?”

Every time you visit your aging parents or loved ones, you have an opportunity to evaluate their standard of living. Next time you drop by, watch for the following 4 signs of unmet care needs. If you spot even one, it means that assisted living could improve your loved one’s safety, comfort, and quality of life—and it only takes a single phone call to get started!

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4 Signs Your Loved Ones Could Benefit From Assisted Living Services

  1. Fall hazards. Did you find (or stumble across) all sorts of slip-and-trip hazards in the home, such as throw rugs, clutter, and bunches of tangled cords strung across walkways? Are areas of the home care environment poorly lit?Take a closer look at mom and dad, too. Are they experiencing any dizziness, blurred vision, or loss of balance, perhaps due to medication or chronic conditions?Falls are some of the most common and costly causes of serious injury and hospitalization for seniors in Nassau, but they’re also entirely preventable. And to that end, assisted living services can’t be beat.Not only do we remove fall hazards from the home, decluttering walkways and ensuring adequate lighting in all rooms, but we also reduce the risks for mom and dad by assisting with medication management, facilitating healthy lifestyles, and improving communications with optometrists and other healthcare providers. Additionally, we can help purchase and set up installation for mobility aids that lower the risks of slip-and-fall injury, such as ramps, handrails, and grab bars.
  2. Unfinished business. Do you notice stacks of unopened mail, unpaid bills, or other important documents that your loved one has been neglecting? These are potentially early signs of cognitive, physical, or emotional impairment. Our assisted living team can help you assess the depth of the problem and provide simple solutions. Whether you need assistance with organizing and decluttering, or hands-on help with paying bills and ensuring important documents are being sent, our assisted living team is standing by to support your loved ones.
  3. Isolation. If your loved ones seem distanced from friends, family, and community, they may be at risk of social isolation, which is a leading health concern for seniors, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing orders, travel restrictions, and forced closures have made it even harder to stay connected.Fortunately, social isolation is easily treated. Not only can our assisted living team provide companionship care on-demand, but we can also facilitate COVID-safe visits with friends and family, and serve as a reliable point of contact for your larger family network whenever they want to get in touch.
  4. Changes in appearance. Appearance can say a lot about your loved ones’ standard of living. If they appear to have lost or gained weight, or if they seem to be wearing the same clothes day after day, or if they look more tired or stressed than usual, they may be struggling with depression, chronic pain, or loss of mobility, all of which require treatment, and all of which our assisted living service is designed to help.

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Whether you’re looking for an assisted living placement or home care services to support your loved ones’ aging in place, Galaxy Home Care of Nassau can help.

We offer a complete continuum of in-home caregiving services, ranging from simple homemaking and companionship to intensive skilled care for patients with chronic health conditions and dementia. We also help Nassau families find assisted living placements that fit their unique needs, budget, and preferences.

Drawing on our extensive network of senior care resources, and sending live-in caregivers wherever they’re needed, we will do whatever it takes to make sure no care needs go unmet.

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