All people age differently. Some seniors remain relatively active and independent and only need simple support with household chores in their ripe old age. Meanwhile, others might call for regular assistance with activities of daily living or even specialized medical care

New York adults in need of an enhanced level of care and daily help can choose between assisted living and personal care homes. For a common user, these two terms look pretty much alike. They really have a lot in common, yet are not the same. 

Let’s outline what sets these two types of senior care apart so that you could distinguish between assisted living and personal care homes. Besides, we’ll describe an alternative care format ensured by Galaxy Home Care that might suit the needs of your senior near and dear even better. 

  1. Assisted Living vs. Personal Care Homes: X Key Differences in New York
  2. Why is Socialization Important for the Elderly?

Personal Care vs Assisted Living: Legal Background

Assisted Living vs Personal Care Home: 3 Main Differences

Are You Ready to Leave Home? Or Do You Want an Alternative?

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Personal Care Vs. Assisted Living: Legal Background

To better understand the difference between personal care and assisted living, it’s essential to get into the regulatory base behind these types of specialized care. Notably, those laws are state-specific and general definitions might slightly vary across the states. 

In the state of New York, it’s the state Department of Health that regulates and controls adult care facilities. By and large, the authority distinguishes between adult care facilities and assisted living residences that differ in the level and scope of care provided.

Adult care facilities in New York fall into adult homes and enriched housing programs, ensuring consistent residential care that covers room and board, household routines, and personal care services for older adults with no specific medical needs. As such, they deliver a lower or basic level of care similar to that normally provided in personal care homes.

If that’s not enough, an adult care facility can upgrade its service and seek to get licensed as an assisted living community or residence to ensure around-the-clock supervision, case management, meals, housekeeping, and personal care. Each resident should be given customized care in home-like settings, depending on their personal preferences, physical condition, and mental health. 

Assisted Living Vs Personal Care Homes: 3 Main Differences

At a glance, personal care and assisted living are very similar. Both are meant for seniors who need additional daily support to some extent. Both imply residential care in communities and home-like comfort. And both are meant to help aging adults to retain as much independence as possible. 

On the other hand, there are a few distinct differences between the personal care home vs. assisted living facility. They lie in the following areas:

  • Approach: While matching standard client needs and daily routines, assisted living facilities are able to catch up with changing and emergency health needs of their residents;      
  • Residential conditions: The law requires assisted living residences to provide each client with a fully equipped private room that has a separate bathroom and small kitchen. Personal care homes, on the other hand, offer clients to share a room with other residents; 
  • Care level: While personal care homes provide rather basic support, assisted living can also entail skilled nursing services to match specific health needs if necessary.

In an assisted living vs. personal care home comparison, a personal care home is about assistance with activities of daily living in a supervised community, while assisted living is all about specialized care more tailored to personal client needs and certain health conditions. 

Noteworthy, at a legal level, these two types of senior care are licensed differently. 

Are You Ready To Leave Home? Or Do You Want An Alternative?

Most adults will prefer to age in place in the comfort of their own homes and habitual environments. And you don’t have to choose between “a personal care home vs. assisted living” if your loved one is not eager to leave his or her home. 

Companies which provide home care services to seniors such as Galaxy Home Care, come up with a new concept of assisted living not opposing personal care but embracing it.  

Whether you seek only homemaking assistance or companion services for the elderly or need all-day supervision and specialized care for a disabled or recovering patient, modern home care providers have it all. 

You can be absolutely certain that your beloved senior is in a supervised environment of a professional facility. Meanwhile, your adults will keep enjoying the comfort, safety, and confidence their homes give them, and be duly cared for. 

Book A Free Consultation In New York City From Galaxy Home Care

Personal home care services are among the best alternatives to assisted living. And Galaxy Home Care is among the best service providers in New York. If you seek the highest level of personal home care in Brooklyn or personal home care in Nassau County, look no further. 

We value our customer needs above all and put them in the center of attention to make sure they get the best care while feeling comfy and safe. 

Our personal care services offer everything you could get in a personal care home and even more. Meanwhile, our live-in care in Brooklyn and live-in care in Nassau County programs cover a totally new level of service, saving you the need to move your near and dear to a nursing home or assisted living facility. 

Feel free to contact us and get a detailed consultation on what types of personal care or live-in services will best suit your situation. Taking into account all nuances, we offer affordable prices and a customized approach. 


What is the difference between personal care and assisted living?

Looking into the meaning of these two terms, the major difference is in the level of care and help provided. Personal care is about supporting activities of daily living, while assisted living entails a more complex and professional care approach, with a focus on regular close assistance and nursing services.

How do assisted living vs. personal care homes compare legally?

Assisted living community and personal care homes are legalized via different licenses that define their status. And they are not entitled to provide assistance beyond the licensed activities. 

Is in-home care an alternative to assisted living?

Professional in-home and live-in care services, as those provided by Galaxy Home Care, are a decent alternative to assisted living. With a skilled caregiver at their side, your loved one will stay safe, duly assisted, and diligently supervised while retaining their dignity and autonomy.


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