4 Ways Home Care Providers Reduce Slip-And-Fall Risks In Nassau, NY

Falls are extremely dangerous for seniors, but they’re also 100% preventable.

In today’s post, we review research from the Nassau County Department of Health, then explain how our home care providers reduce your loved ones’ fall risk in Nassau, NY.

Read on or call (516)-708-0900 to speak directly with a home care provider near you.

Nassau County Research Highlights Seniors Slip-And-Fall Risks

If your mom or dad are aging in place alone in Nassau, NY, they’re living every day at serious risk of slip-and-fall injury.

Research by the Nassau County Department of Health finds that:

  • Falls are the leading cause of injury, death, hospitalization, and emergency department visits among adults 65 and older in New York State
  • 88% of all injury hospitalizations were due to falls in the older adult population of Nassau County, followed by car accidents at a mere 5%!
  • Every day, 215 older New Yorkers are seen in Emergency Departments due to falls
  • Every year approximately one-third of adults over 65 years of age experienced a fall, along with one-half of adults over 80 years of age.
  • Among seniors who fall, half will fall again within the year.
  • Approximately 10% of falls among older adults result in serious injury, such as hip fracture or head injury
  • Falls account for $1.5 billion in annual hospitalization charges and $123.5 million in annual outpatient emergency department charges in New York

Fortunately, 100% of falls are preventable, and scheduling the services of our home care providers is one of the most powerful anti-fall interventions out there. Read on to learn a few ways our home care providers are keeping Nassau residents on their feet as they age in place, or call (516) 708-0900 to speak directly with a care coordinator near you.

4 Ways Home Care Providers Reduce The Risks Of Slip-And-Fall Injury In Nassau, NY

  1. Full assistance with activities of daily living—When left unsupported, seniors with mobility restrictions face higher risks of slip-and-fall injury. In fact, ADL limitations are positively correlated with fall risk—the more limitations your loved ones have, the higher their chance of experiencing a fall.But our home care providers can help. Not only do we provide full assistance with ADLs, so you can leave the most injury-prone activities up to us, but we also help incorporate lifestyle changes that improve mobility and reduce restrictions over time.
  2. Home safety services—As part of our home safety service plan, our home care providers can help declutter the home, improve lighting, maintain entranceways and exits, remove common slip hazards, and install anti-slip aids, such as grab bars and grip mats in the bathrooms.
  3. Optimize medication management—A large number of falls occur due to adverse reactions between medication, which can cause blurred vision, confusion, and/or loss of balance. With our home care providers there to help, your loved one never has to worry about mismanaged medication, and we’ll always ensure your healthcare provider’s instructions and recommended dosage is followed to a tee.
  4. Build your loved one’s fall resistance—To make your loved one less prone to falls, and less likely to experience an injury in the event that that they do take a tumble, our home care providers can cook healthy meals, promote regular exercise, implement healthy sleep schedules, and schedule regular visits to the optometrist and/or physical therapist as needed.

Fall-Proof Mom And Dad With Home Care Providers In Nassau, NY

To learn more about our services and get a free quote from our home care providers, you can call (516) 708-0900 or request information using our online contact form.


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