What You Need To Know About Assisted Living In New York City, NY

Assisted living in New York City, NY, offers seniors and younger New Yorkers living with disabilities the option to get the care they need in a communal setting where they can interact with other residents.

Assisted Living In New York City, NY

Assisted living is a type of senior care. It’s important to note that the term “assisted living community” is not simply a synonym or advertising speak for “nursing home”. Nursing homes and assisted living communities are both types of senior living facilities, but they are different. Nursing homes are designed to help people who need high levels of care. Nursing home residents are not expected to manage their own lives to any significant degree.

Assisted living residents are different. Like nursing home residents, those in assisted living communities need regular care to live healthy, safe, and happy lives. However, assisted living residents are also capable and encouraged to manage their own lives as much as possible. For example, an assisted living resident might need some help in the shower to make sure they don’t fall and they may need reminders to take their medication, but otherwise they might be capable of managing their own life. Other senior living facilities include independent living communities (also called retirement homes) in which seniors live together and don’t have to attend to certain chores, but these residents do not receive care from the staff.

Is Assisted Living In New York Only For Seniors?

No. While seniors need care at higher rates than younger people, there are many younger people who live with disabilities who can benefit from assisted living and other types of care facilities.

The Benefits Of Assisted Living In New York City, NY

A good assisted living community will deliver the care that their residents need to be healthy, safe, and happy. But these communities also encourage their residents to exercise their autonomy. Assisted living is a great option for seniors who could use a little help but are still very much independent-minded. Furthermore, assisted living communities are just that: communities. For seniors who struggle with loneliness and isolation, an assisted living community can be a great place for them to foster a healthy social life.

The Disadvantages Of Assisted Living In New York City, NY

Assisted living is great for some, but many people prefer living in their own homes. For such seniors, Galaxy Home Care of New York City offers in-home care services. In-home care is more convenient for many seniors plus it is almost always more affordable than assisted living.

Galaxy Home Care Of New York City

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