What Is Skilled Care And Is It Available In New York City?

If you or your loved one have never received care before, you may not have ever thought of who actually provides this care. Whether you receive care in a senior living community or in your own New York home, most often than not, the care will be provided by caregivers for hire, not medical professionals such as doctors or registered nurses. It is caregivers who help clients get in and out of bed, who help clients change external urinary collecting devices such as catheter bags, and who help clients with skin and nail care. And you can receive all this care and much more right in your own home. But what if you need the services of a nurse?

Galaxy Home Care delivers skilled care services in New York City and offers all types of specialized in-home care services to cater to varying patient’s needs. But what exactly is skilled nursing care at home, and how does it work?

Skilled Nursing Care at Home Defined

In the skilled nursing care at home definition, the word “skilled” is the key. It’s the type of care or treatment that can be provided only by trained registered nurses or healthcare experts. Normally, these are medical procedures, administration of medication, or rehab therapies.

To get skilled nursing care in your home, you need to contact a licensed home care agency with a focus on medical care, such as Galaxy Home Care, to hire a qualified nurse that will be able to strictly follow the prescriptions of your physician and come to your home.

How Nursing Care at Home Differs from Nursing Care Facilities

The meaning of skilled nursing care at home is not similar to that of assisted living and nursing home care. While in-home nursing services are advanced care in the comfort of your apartment or house, nursing care facilities offer professional treatment in a medical setting, often under the supervision of a doctor or health professional.

While ensuring the highest level of care, skilled services at home are more appropriate for short-term or part-time needs such as those of after-surgery, recovering, and rehab patients. Nursing care facilities, on the other hand, provide 24-hour care for patients with complex medical conditions or severe health problems that require long-term treatment and continuous monitoring, or those who are undergoing therapies involving multiple procedures.

When Is Skilled Nursing Care at Home Needed?

To help you understand if this type of service is what you or your loved ones currently need, here are the most common options it covers:

  • After-surgery wound treatment;
  • Injections and blood transfusions;
  • Controlled intravenous medication infusions;
  • Feeding tubes, catheter, and colostomy care;
  • Diabetic monitoring;
  • Rehabilitation exercises;
  • Specialized therapies and prescriptions;
  • Consistent health status monitoring.

What Are the Types of Skilled Nursing Care at Home?

An in-home skilled nursing care definition broadly covers three major categories of services:

  • Physical therapy to help patients recover after illnesses, surgeries, and incidents by sticking to personalized rehab plans;
  • Occupational therapy to help people with some injuries or body conditions adapt to everyday activities and overcome physical restrictions through special techniques;
  • Speech therapy to address communication problems, restore cognitive, language, and swallowing functions.

Skilled Nursing Care at Home Includes

For most of us, if we want to see a nurse, we have to go to a clinic or hospital. But for clients of Galaxy Home Care of New York City, there is often no need for that. We offer in-home skilled care so that nurses can visit clients in their own homes. Our skilled care services include:

  • Assessments and consultations;
  • Medication management;
  • Simple wound care;
  • Diabetes care and teaching;
  • Colostomy care;
  • Feeding tube care;
  • Foley care;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Speech therapy;
  • And more!

Not all skilled care services are necessarily available in all fifty states. Please contact us to find out if the skilled care services you are interested in are available in New York.

Who Can Provide Skilled Nursing Care at Home?

Skilled care specifically refers to the services provided by registered nurses. But this does not mean that caregiving does not require skill. At Galaxy Home Care of New York City, all our caregivers are employees who must pass a stringent pre-employment screening to work with us.

Our caregivers are bonded, insured, and meet all New York State health requirements. We provide ongoing education and support to our caregivers, and they are periodically skills-tested to ensure they can provide top-quality care. So, if you wonder how to choose a caregiver for elderly loved ones, you can’t go wrong with our specialists.

Consider Galaxy Home Care Your Trusted Skilled Care Provider

Skilled nursing care at home is a great alternative to nursing facilities for outpatient therapies and recovery treatments. Provided in the comfort of the familiar home atmosphere, in-home nursing care allows patients to feel safer, more confident, and more motivated, thus enabling smoother and faster recuperation.

Galaxy Home Care of New York City offers skilled care in New York City, NY. To learn more about skilled care, please contact us via our website or call us at 718-247-8300.


  1. What is considered skilled nursing care at home?

    To define skilled nursing care at home, you should normally refer to a range of medical care services provided by qualified nurses or health professionals to home-bound patients outside the hospitals and specialized nursing facilities.

  2. Who can provide skilled nursing care?

    As the name suggests, it’s trained registered nurses and licensed healthcare experts who are entitled to deliver skilled nursing care.

  3. What does a skilled nurse do?

    A skilled nurse should have enough competence and qualification to be able to duly evaluate the patient’s condition and implement medical care following the doctor’s prescriptions and individual treatment plan.


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