Stay Fit, Strong, And Active After 50 With Home Care Providers In NYC

Today’s post highlights a few ways our home care providers keep NYC seniors fit, strong, and active after 50. Read on to learn how we’re helping local seniors live life to the fullest, or call (718)-247-8300 to speak directly with home care providers in New York City.

4 Ways Home Care Providers Keep Seniors Fit After 50 In NYC

  • Get active with the help of your home care providers. Though we are not personal trainers, our home care providers can help your loved ones find more opportunities for safe exercise at home. Not only can we purchase home gym equipment, but our home care providers will also provide full safety monitoring during your loved one’s home workouts. We can also help personal trainers and physiotherapists implement home workouts, such as stretching and mobility exercises, according to their recommendations. Additionally, we can provide safe transportation to-and-from their favorite local fitness studios or senior center, or even join your loved one for gentle walks and outdoor activities.
  • Improve sleep quality with home care providers. In addition to offering true peace of mind to your loved ones, our home care providers can implement structured bedtime routines, optimize the bedroom environment for sleeping, and purchase sleep aids as needed, all in order to make sure your loved one gets the restorative sleep they need to stay fit, active, and healthy.
  • Effortlessly implement healthy eating plans. Whether you want your loved ones to try the MIND Diet for better cognitive functioning, or you want to add foods to improve their energy levels and post-exercise recovery, our home care providers make it easy. We handle all of the shopping, cooking, serving, and clean-up, so your loved one only has to show up hungry! Additionally, we can prepare ready-to-heat meals and healthy snacks for your loved ones to make them more independent between visits from our home care providers. Whatever you choose, dietary preferences and cultural/religious food restrictions are always honored—that’s the Galaxy Home Care guarantee!
  • Get a mental workout with brain games. Whether your loved one is receiving intensive dementia care or simpler live-in support, our home care providers can bring stimulating activities, puzzles and brain games to promote cognitive health and reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. And by playing alongside or against your loved ones, we will give them the dual benefits of social engagement and cognitive training.

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