Personal Home Care Services In Nassau County, NY

Personal home care is available in Nassau, New York. Could personal home care help you or an elderly loved one that lives on Long Island? Here’s what you should you know about personal home care.

Personal Home Care Helps Seniors In Nassau, NY, With The Activities Of Daily Living.

To explain just what personal home care services are, we at Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau use the term “Activities of Daily Living”. These are daily activities that we all do in the course of taking care of ourselves that most able-bodied people don’t think twice about. We all wake up in the morning, use the toilet, brush our teeth or care for our dentures, prepare and eat food, shower or bathe, brush our hair (if we have hair), and take medication if that’s part of our daily routine.

For many elderly people, these aren’t easy tasks. These activities can be difficult if you have trouble getting around, if you use a colostomy or ostomy bag, or if you’re forgetful, either as a normal result of aging or because of a neurodegenerative disease. But these are daily activities that all need to be done. That’s why Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau offers personal home care services. Caregivers can visit seniors in their Nassau homes and help them with all of these activities and more.

What Services Does Personal Home Care Cover In Nassau, NY?

Personal home care services can include:

  • Assisting clients with eating, bathing, using bath equipment, dental/denture care, grooming, and hair care.
  • Helping clients with bowel regularity, self-administered medications, basic skin care, and nail maintenance.
  • Emptying or changing external urinary collecting devices, including catheter bags.
  • Providing colostomy care and emptying ostomy bags.
  • Helping clients use urinals, bedpans, and/or commodes.
  • Providing bowel and bladder incontinence care.
  • Encouraging clients to perform normal body movements and to follow prescribed exercise programs.
  • Assisting with positioning in bed, wheelchairs, and other chairs.
  • Helping clients get in to or out of beds, wheelchairs, and more,

Not all these personal home care services are necessarily available in all fifty states. Please talk with us to find out if the services in which you are interested are available in Nassau, NY. Many clients who receive personal home care services also choose to receive companionship and homemaker services. With home care, seniors can remain living in their own Nassau homes for as long as they wish.

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau Of Nassau

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau is proud to offer personal home care services in Nassau, NY. To learn more about personal home care services, please contact us via our website or call 516-708-0900.


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