Optimize Post-Hospitalization Recovery With Health Care At Home In Nassau

Today’s post reviews research by the Annals of Internal Medicine highlighting the recuperative value of healthcare at home. Read on to learn how we support Nassau residents’ recoveries, or call (516) 708-0900 to speak directly with a home healthcare coordinator near you.

New Study Highlights Recuperative Power Of Health Care At Home

In March 2021, the Annals of Internal Medicine published an encouraging report about the substantial benefits COVID-19 patients experienced when their recoveries were supported by health care at home.

The study, led by Dr. Kathryn Bowles an titled “Surviving COVID-19 After Hospital Discharge: Symptom, Functional and Adverse Outcomes of Home Health Recipients,” found that:

  • Healthcare at home restores senior independence—When the study participants were first discharged from the hospital and returned to their homes, most were very sick, debilitated, and dependent, requiring help with 6 out of 9 of the activities of daily living (ADLs).But within three weeks, those who benefited from healthcare at home began to see their physical restrictions disappear. After 23 days of healthcare at home, most patients required help with only 1 of the 9 ADLs, equating to an 83% improvement.
  • Healthcare at home lowers stress during COVID-19 recovery—Patients receiving healthcare at home reported less stress and anxiety regarding their recoveries, access to supplies, and social wellbeing than those in the control group.
  • Healthcare at home fostered “perfect recoveries” among participants—Nearly 9-out-of-10 (87%) of study participants receiving healthcare at home reported “perfect recoveries” free from long-term adverse effects.
  • Healthcare at home is associated with rapid improvements in symptoms and function—After an average of 32 days, 94% of all patients receiving healthcare at home achieved “statistically significant improvements in symptoms and function.”

Whether your loved one is recuperating from COVID-19 or recovering from hospitalization of any kind, our home care services can facilitate faster recoveries, functional improvements, and enhanced quality of life. To that end, we provide:

  • Full support with all ADLs to eliminate inflammation, physical strain, or fall risks
  • Hydration monitoring and meal preparation
  • Medication management to reduce the risks of adverse outcomes
  • Social support and companionship
  • Peace of mind through safety monitoring
  • Assistance with errands and supply-runs
  • Entertainment for your loved ones
  • A reliable point of contact for concerned family and friends, and more!

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Bowles, K. H., McDonald, M., Barrón, Y., Kennedy, E., O’Connor, M., & Mikkelsen, M. (2021). Surviving COVID-19 after hospital discharge: symptom, functional, and adverse outcomes of home health recipients. Annals of Internal Medicine, 174(3), 316-325.



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