No Need For A Nursing Home With Expert Assisted Living Via Galaxy Home Care In New York City

Seniors Retain Their Dignity

If you notice that your loved one is very agitated when you mention that he or she may have to go to a nursing home, please do not proceed to place your loved one in a nursing home. This is because we here at Galaxy Home Care offer the right solution, which is our top-quality and compassionate assisted living. We provide assisted living, so that your loved one can retain his or her dignity while being able to have access to the kind of care that is needed. Your loved one will be able to reside in an environment that has an atmosphere like home.

Remain As Independent As Possible

When your loved one wants to remain as independent as possible, a nursing home is not the place for him or her. But assisted living can be a joyful experience, especially when you trust our experts here at Galaxy Home Care with the assisted living needs of your loved one. We offer help with nutrition, as all our clients will have access to three meals a day for the kind of well-balanced health benefits that good food brings. As a result, seniors do not have the hassle of worrying about being able to prepare their own meals.

Assisted Living That Focuses On The Needs Of Clients

On the other hand, if there are seniors who want to cook their own meals or even cook just one of their meals per day, we are glad that they can do so. Then when they need our assistance, such as cleaning up the dishes or helping with the other meals, we can arrange that type of assisted living as well. Our service in regard to assisted living focuses on the needs of the clients. That means that what clients can do for themselves is encouraged.  We will not try to hinder seniors to live as independently as they can. When seniors do for themselves what they can, this helps seniors to thrive. But where seniors need assistance, we are there to enhance their quality of life with our expertise in assisted living.

Help For Active Seniors

Some seniors who have good enough health may even still like to work somewhat and be actively involved in the community. But when they are done with their day, they are tired. Then they can find that making a meal, doing the dishes or doing some housekeeping can become fatiguing. We understand that it is great for them to continue to work at a job that they love and to be involved in various community activities. This social aspect of their lives keeps them mentally, emotionally and physically well and brings them much happiness. Therefore, such seniors should not give up their social lives. The right solution for them when they need a bit of help at the end of a busy day is assisted living via Galaxy Home Care in New York City where they can have access to help with meals, washing dishes and housekeeping.

Help With Medications

We here at Galaxy Home Care also realize that some seniors may require help with their medications. Thus, assisted living ensures that seniors will be able to take all their medications at the appropriate time and in the correct amounts. In this aspect, assisted living is beneficial to ensure the stability of the health of our clients and prevents seniors from forgetting to take their medications. If you would like more information about how our assisted living can benefit you or your loved one, please contact us at Galaxy Home Care in New York City today.


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