Is It Possible to Get Home Care 24/7?

Home care is available in Nassau, NY, to help seniors and younger people living with disabilities stay healthy and safe in their Long Island homes. But can clients receive home care 24/7?

Home Care 24/7 In Nassau, NY

Is home care available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Nassau, New York? Yes, it is. Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau can provide our clients access to home care 24/7. While we won’t arrange for a caregiver to visit at 3AM, we do provide live-in care, so there is always somebody present in case you or your loved one suffers an emergency at any time of day, or night. If that’s all you came here to find out, you can stop reading now or click one of the links at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to learn more about how home care and live-in care work in Nassau, keep on reading.

Home Care In Nassau, NY

You’re probably familiar with nursing homes. Nursing homes are one type of senior care facility. Other types include assisted living communities, independent living communities, Alzheimer’s and dementia care homes, and more. There are examples of all these types of care communities across Long Island. While many seniors enjoy living in these communities and are healthy and safe there, they’re not for everybody.

Many seniors love their Nassauhomes; they don’t want to move out to receive care. Furthermore, that communal style of living is not the right fit for everybody. Lastly, senior care communities can be quite expensive. Home care is usually the more affordable option. With home care, a caregiver visits clients and provides care for them in their own homes. This might be personal care (physical assistance), companionship (mental and emotional assistance), or homemaking services (cleaning and errands). As mentioned earlier, you can’t arrange for a caregiver to come by and do the laundry in the middle of the night. But with live-in care, you can ensure that somebody is always around.

Live-In Care In Nassau, NY

For live-in care to work, your Long Island home must be big enough and have an extra bedroom. Live-in caregivers can help throughout the day, but they need time off like anybody else. Many families arrange for somebody else to be there when the caregiver is off duty.

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau Of Nassau

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau is proud to offer home care on Long Island. And yes, we can even offer access to home care 24/7 with our live-in care services. To learn more about live-in care, or home care more broadly, in Nassau, NY, please contact us via our website or call 516-708-0900.


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