Four Benefits of Home Companion Care in NYC

Home companion care in NYC improves the lives of seniors and younger people who have disabilities. Here are four benefits of home companion care.

1. Home Companion Care Eases Loneliness.

New York City is a very social city, but this isn’t true for all New Yorkers. Many New Yorkers live in a kind of isolation, and not the kind due to Covid-19 (though the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped). Many New Yorkers don’t have family or even close friends who live in the city. Many elderly New Yorkers and those with disabilities have difficulty getting outside and many don’t have jobs (or at least not remote jobs). This often creates a sense of loneliness which can lead to depression. Home companion caregivers visit clients in their homes, talk with them, listen to their concerns, and even play card or board games with them. This eases the burden of loneliness.

2. Home Companion Care Helps Connect People With The Outside World.

Along with loneliness, this isolated style of living often leads to a detachment from the outside world. Seniors can lose touch with reality. While the effect is especially strong in those who live alone, it should be noted that even couples can become isolated together. Whether it’s by accompanying them to events or appointments, or helping them keep up with correspondence, home companion caregivers help their clients stay in touch with the outside world.

3. Home Companion Caregivers Monitor The Progression Of Mental And Neurodegenerative Conditions.

Caregivers are not therapists or neurologists, but they can monitor how their clients are doing. They can ask and observe how their clients are dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges. Many seniors also have neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Home companion caregivers can help institute routines to deal with the affects of dementia. Because these are progressive diseases, it’s important to have somebody who can monitor their progression and recommend when more involved forms of Alzheimer’s and dementia care might be necessary.

4. Home Companion Care Makes For An Easier Transition To Other Forms Of Care.

If somebody is used to a caregiver visiting regularly to provide home companion care (or homemaking services) then it will be easier for them to adapt to receiving personal care or Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Many seniors find it difficult to accept personal care, but if they’re already used to companion care, the transition often goes much more smoothly.

Galaxy Home Care Of New York City

Galaxy Home Care of New York City offers home companion care along with other forms of home care in New York City, NY. To learn more about home companion care, or about our other services, please contact us via our website or call us at 718-247-8300.


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