Discover The Wealth Of Wellness With Live-In Caregivers In New York City

Today’s post reviews research by AARP NY and the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute to highlight how our live-in caregiver services support successful aging for NYC seniors.

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New Research Highlights Value Of Live-In Caregiver Services For Healthy Aging

In a new series presented by AARP NY, doctors from the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute share evidence about simple, no-cost lifestyles changes that support healthy aging and independence.

Citing a large body of research and real-world experiences in long-term care, doctors and practitioners identified nine key factors associated with the wealth of wellness:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Adequate physical activity
  3. Time spent outdoors
  4. Sleep quality
  5. Stress levels
  6. Exposure to toxins
  7. Relationships
  8. Purpose
  9. Joy

By making simple, no-cost changes in these 9 key areas, seniors improved their quality of life, maximized mobility and independence, and mitigated the risks of chronic disease.

To dig deeper into the research, you can sign up for AARP NY’s 9-part series via their website, which runs until December 14th.

However, even with all of the facts in-hand, you’ll need to support your loved ones as they strive for positive changes, and that’s where our live-in caregivers can help.

Not only do our live-in caregivers make it easy to implement these healthy lifestyle changes; our entire approach to care is designed around these hallmarks of successful aging.

Read on to learn how live-in caregivers help families in NYC discover the wealth of wellness, or call (718)-247-8300 to speak directly with a care coordinator near you.

9 Ways Live-In Caregivers Support Successful Aging In NYC

Putting research by AARP NY and the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute to practice, our live-in caregivers help seniors unlock the wealth of wellness by:

  1. Simplifying healthy eating for seniors—Our live-in caregivers can prepare fresh and healthy meals, keep cupboards stocked with wholesome snacks, and limit the amount of junk food that comes into the house, making it easy for your loved ones to stick to healthy eating plans.
  2. Creating more opportunities for exercise—Our live-in caregivers can get active with your loved ones, joining them on light walks or outings; we can purchase home exercise equipment and provide safety monitoring during exercise; and we can drive your loved ones to-and-from their favorite workout studio—whatever works for them!
  3. Encouraging more time outside—To give your loved ones a break from their home car environment and reap the mental and physical health benefits of fresh air, our live-in caregivers can plan outings, help your loved one in the garden, explore NYC parks and trails, and more. And no matter where we end up, we’ll always make sure your loved ones are properly dressed, fully supported, and COVID-safe.
  4. Enhancing sleep quality—To help your loved one get a better night’s sleep, we will implement healthy bedtime routines, create comfortable bedroom environments, and discourage caffeine in the evenings.
  5. Reducing daily stressors—Our live-in caregiver services are designed with stress-reduction in mind. We can help with errands, clutter, and clean-up; we handle the cooking and meal preparation; we assist with event planning and schedule management; and our staff is trained to provide full support with all activities of daily living, thereby reducing your risks of physical stress and inflammation.
  6. Minimizing exposure to toxins—As part of our housekeeping support, we will keep harmful cleaning products out of the home, replace air filters as needed, and clean dust and bacteria out of the home care environment. We can also work around your dietary preferences to reduce exposure to toxins in food (e.g. shopping for organic produce).
  7. Improving relationships with social support and respite care—Our live-in caregivers help clients stay socially active by assisting with hosting, providing transportation to-and-from events with friends and family, and helping with video chat/phone call setup and scheduling. What’s more, our respite care services also help families avoid conflicts surrounding home care by lifting the burden in high-stress situations where resources are scarce.
  8. Helping seniors find a sense of purpose—If your loved ones are looking to volunteer or get involved with the local community, our live-in caregivers can help them find safe and rewarding opportunities in NYC.
  9. Having more fun—Not only do our live-in caregivers make it easier for seniors to do what they want, when they want, but they’re also carefully selected through a proprietary matchmaking process in order to ensure that every care visit is full of laughter and great chemistry!

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