Care at Home: The Services that Help Seniors in Nassau County

Care at home services in Nassau, NY, can deliver the assistance seniors would otherwise receive in a care community directly to them in their own, private Nassau County homes.

Care At Home Services In Nassau, NY, Help Elderly Long Islanders Live Healthier, Safer, And Happier Lives.

Care at home services are designed to help people maintain their health and safety while continuing to live in their Nassau homes. Care at home services are usually provided to seniors, however there are also many younger people on Long Island who live with disabilities and they can benefit from care at home services, too. Care at home helps clients maintain and improve their physical and mental health. It can also help them manage their lives, take care of their Nassau homes, and maintain their social lives.

Care At Home Can Be Separated Into Three Different Groups Of Service.

At Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau , we divide our care at home services into three separate categories. They are as follows:

  • Companionship
    Mental health is equally as important as physical health. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose sight of this. Seniors often have physical ailments on which we focus, but we must not overlook any mental health issues our elderly loved ones might be going through. And the truth is that seniors suffer from mental health and neurodegenerative issues at higher rates than most younger people. Care at home can include companionship services. Companion caregivers can visit seniors in their Nassau homes, talk with them, listen to their concerns, play games with them, and keep an eye on their mental health.
  • Homemaking
    Sometimes it’s not managing their health that’s a problem for a senior so much as it is managing their Nassau home. Homemaking is a lot of work and chores like scrubbing the inside of a refrigerator and errands like grocery shopping can be exhausting and sometimes even painful for seniors. Care at home can include homemaking services to help with chores and errands.
  • Personal Care
    Care at home can include personal care services which helps seniors with what we at Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau call the Activities of Daily Living. These are everyday tasks that we all do to take care of ourselves, but which can become difficult when we get older. Personal caregivers can help clients get in and out of bed, use the toilet and other bathroom devices, shower/bathe, and more.

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau Of Nassau

Galaxy Home Care of Nassau of Nassau is proud to offer care at home services in Nassau , NY. To learn more about care home services, please contact us via our website or call 516-708-0900.


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